Your home should be a place filled with joy, comfort and warmth. A place where you can relax alone or enjoy life together with friends and family. We have always gathered around fire to socialise and laugh with each. But fire has also given us protection against the cold and wild animals. A pleasant flame still attracts us today and helps us to create a welcoming home filled with love.

Stora Byskeugnen - gjutjärnskamin med kokplatta
Lilla Byskeugnen eld

The Byskeugnen Stove is known for its warm glow, its authentic design and its long-lasting soothing heat. The stove is a perfect fit both for the most modern of homes and for rustic cottages. There are two sizes to choose from, Small or Large. Both are painstakingly made by hand. Enjoy your own Byskeugnen Stove for a richer and warmer life.

BU m vattenkittel
On the very top, under the decorative cover, there is a hotplate. Use it whenever you like, and definitely if there is a power outage.
Our cast iron stoves spread comfort, light and heat during the darkest winters.